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My Personal Approach to Counselling and Therapy:
Integrative – tailoring my approach around individual client's and couple's specific needs.
Relational – believing the way we relate to others is central to our understanding of ourselves.
Humanistic– encourage clients to take responsibility for their own thoughts & actions as an essential prerequisite to achieving their potential.
Open-minded - it may reassure you to know that I am very open-minded and interested in transpersonal issues (attending to the spiritual dimension of life).

Whatever the challenge you are facing my approach is to offer a safe and empathetic therapeutic relationship/space to hold/accompany you through your personal inner journey/transformation. My aim, whether you come to me as an individual or in a couple, is to enable you to connect with a stronger, better-defined sense of self. Allowing you to find the confidence & the inner resources you need to move forward in your life consciously (putting you firmly in the driver's seat - so to speak).

This involves encouraging gentle self-exploration where you meet yourself at a deeper, wider and more intimate level. Greater self-awareness enables self-empowerment through embracing your vulnerabilities. This process can help you access your own inner resilience, to recognize and create a productive and healthy life (mind, body, spirit) – and as a consequence develop healthier relationships too.

In my work with couples I am attentive to the individual needs of the couple and how these unmet needs impact on their relationship. For example, couples may feel stuck and repeat the same arguments and/or behaviour patterns over and over again. They may not be able to hear each other's needs and feel unable to find a way forward in their relationship. I have a particular interest in looking at the stages of the relationship as it develops; bonding patterns between couples, often in the light of childhood experiences; as well as addressing the impact of historical trauma.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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