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I am now pleased to be offering EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

These two methods of practice are particularly helpful for those of you who have a problem accessing traumatic/negative memories and emotions which are keeping you stuck in unproductive behaviours and therefore holding you back from achieving your goals, desired relationships, work success, good health etc..

Talking therapy works well on a conscious level, however, it is believed between 95-98% of our functioning being is unconscious. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting offer the tools to start turning the unconscious into the conscious. These are tools for self-empowerment which focus the 'spotlight' of resolution into areas not obviously connected with your current issues.

You will find yourself in the position of expert, guide, healer, and creator of your own life experiences, - pacing yourself through the process while I am in the background safely holding the space for you and giving assistance as and when you call on it.

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting works on two different levels using both the conscious and the unconscious mind to resolve issues on a deeper emotional level safely, with very little chance of re-traumatization. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, further enable you to change the damaging beliefs and decisions that stem from these negative experiences. Through Matrix Reimprinting these old beliefs and decisions can be re-imprinted so you are no longer working against yourself by re-creating the same old situations that kept you stuck in the past.

EFT / Matrix Reimprinting. Tapping Points Man

What EFT is not

EFT is not a placebo – it works whether you believe it or not.
EFT is not a distraction – as we need to focus on the problem to resolve it.
EFT is not symptom substitution where you fix one problem and another takes its place – we are resolving problems rather than substituting them.
EFT is not a talk therapy – talk therapy may resolve issues on the surface, however, because they have been resolved with your conscious mind there still may be an emotional charge, as on a subconscious level the issue remains unresolved.

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